Better Ways of Generating Wealth Without Becoming Distracted

February 6, 2018


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Many financially savvy and ambitious people have become interested in ways of generating passive income. While going to work every day for many years might remain a cornerstone of an individual’s wealth building strategy, creating passive income along the way can never hurt.

In some cases, however, these strategies end up being far too much work to merit the label. In fact, many purportedly “passive” approaches to building wealth end up requiring a fair amount of ongoing attention. That can make them seem more like a second job than the kind of alternative that so many people seek.

The Founder of Rockwell Trading Points to an Often Overlooked Option

While it might not be as easy or realistic as many people hope to generate truly passive income over the long term, this is not to say that there are not plenty of low key ways of achieving much the same effect. After founding and building Rockwell Trading into a well regarded business, Markus Heitkoetter began looking for ways for the average investor to make better use of their time.

His findings have proved to be illuminating and helpful to many. Instead of insisting that any viable approach produce wealth in truly hands-off fashion and then failing to deliver on that promise, as so many others have done, Heitkoetter began from a much more realistic starting point: He sought ways by which investors could maximize the effects of however much attention they intended to devote to particular wealth building strategies.

From Property Investing and Foreign Exchange to the Equities Markets

This notably practical approach to the field ended up being an especially productive one, as well. Where too many fly by night pundits have come up with supposedly passive schemes that end up either requiring too much work or failing to generate income at all, Heitkoetter has succeeded in establishing a much more productive middle ground.

As those who seek out more information online will discover, this means that investors who work with him can select from a number of options suitable to their own goals and situations. While the strategies Heitkoetter puts forth might not all be truly “passive,” they have established themselves in the minds of many as being highly productive ways to generate wealth.