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October 15, 2017


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Factors to put in mind if You are Having Twins

Knowing that you are having twins on your pregnancy is actually both exciting and overwhelming. But we all know that having twins is actually risky that is why you need to know the basic information about it.

Being pregnant with twins vary differently to some women. Having twins during your pregnancy is actually more stressful because you need to face the enhanced pregnancy symptoms wherein you experience more severe fatigue, nausea and swelling or edema. Being a twin pregnant woman actually exposes you to higher risks regarding medical complications like the gestational diabetes.

If you want to know the signs of having twin pregnancy, some women believe that there is actually no difference but for some, they believe that there is a large difference if you are having twin pregnancy. For those who feel that there are changes, they often experience weight gain, severe morning sickness, extreme fatigue, elevated HcG levels, early fetal movement detection and even abnormally high result to Triple Screen test or AFP.

To detect if you are having twins, ultrasound is the best way and most reliable source. Ultrasound is actually a big help in reducing the number of surprises of mothers in the delivery room since they already have an idea that they are actually carrying twins. It is also your duty to inform your doctor if in case you feel that you are carrying more than one child.

If you are wondering if you ever need to bed rest when having twins, the answer is yes for the sake of prevention and precautionary measures. Without bed rest, you are prone to stress and if you are stressed, this might be the reason you are endangering your pregnancy.

Most women who are pregnant often think that they are actually having twins or more babies. To know if you are really having multiple babies, you need the visualization for the number of fetuses and to do so, only an ultrasound can help you determine. If the result is not relevant, then you don’t have twins or more babies. But there will always be an exception. But of course, ultrasounds are not perfect so there will always be a chance that you might have twins especially if there is misinterpretation during on the result. The perfect period to know whether you really are having twins or not is after twenty weeks of your pregnancy.

It is a fact that having twin pregnancy is complicated. Therefore, you need to be a good patient and follow the rules and advices of your doctor and of course, be at your scheduled prenatal care to monitor the progress or your baby.

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